Our Team

Senior investment professionals specialize in real estate structuring, design, development and asset management. The senior investment professionals are supported by knowledgeable in-house legal, compliance, investor relations, finance and tax professionals in the United States, Brazil and Europe.

Senior Leadership

Thomas M. Shapiro

President and Chief Investment Officer

Thomas M. Feldstein

Senior Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Joshua Pristaw

Senior Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets, Co-Head of GTIS Brazil

João Teixeira

Senior Managing Director, Co-Head of GTIS Brazil

Robert Vahradian

Senior Managing Director, Head of US Investments

Amy Boyle

Senior Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

United States

David Blum

Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of GTIS Debt Capital Management

Barry Howell

Managing Director, US Income Investments

Ed McDowell

Managing Director, US Acquisitions

David Pahl

Managing Director, US Income Investments

Robert Rediker

Managing Director, US Asset Management

Shari Cullen

Director, Corporate Finance

Theodore Karatz

Senior Director, Acquisitions

Michael Shin

Director of Debt Capital Management

Jonathan Snider

Director of Fund Finance


Carlos Roberto D'Amato

Managing Director, Finance

Maristella Val Diniz

Managing Director, Development & Asset Management - Brazil

Robert McCall

Managing Director, Head of Brazil Acquisitions

Alberto Pedrini

Managing Director, Design and Construction

Juliana Bastianello Baldin Martins

Director, Legal

Carmem Lucia Carelli

Director, Asset Management

Audreane de Iasi

Director of Design and Construction

Tarik Maruno

Director, Business Development

Paulo Millen

Director, Asset Management

Beatriz Jardim Rosique

Director, Legal

Stephen E. Tanenbaum

Director, Asset Management

Capital Markets

Peter Ciganik

Managing Director, Strategy, Research and Investor Relations

Richard Cohen

Managing Director, Head of US Capital Markets

Dietrich Heidtmann

Managing Director, Head of International Capital Markets

Thomas M. Baur

Senior Director, US Income Investments

Chaitali D. Patel

Senior Director, Investor Relations

Carmem Lucia Carelli

Director, Asset Management

Carmem Lucia Carelli is a Director of Asset Management at GTIS, and is responsible for residential development activities in Brazil as well as for the identification of new business opportunities.

Ms. Carelli’s experience in the real estate industry began in 1995 specializing in development and management of residential projects in Brazil. Prior to joining GTIS, Ms. Carelli was the Manager Officer of Rossi Residencial, where she was responsible for planning and developing residential real estate projects in São Paulo. Prior to Rossi, Ms. Carelli worked at Birmann S.A. with GTIS Senior Managing Director João Teixeira on the development of high-end residential projects, including the planning and execution of supplier contracts, coordination of project timelines and approvals and project marketing.

Ms. Carelli received a Civil Engineering degree from Escola de Engenharia Mauá in São Paulo.