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GTIS Partners is a global real estate investment firm in the Americas, headquartered in New York with offices in São Paulo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, and Munich. GTIS Partners looks for markets and locations that have strong fundamental drivers such as job and income growth, better quality of life and a business-friendly environment. In those carefully selected markets and locations, we bring capital and expertise to create or enhance the physical built environment that can transform communities. We see communities and locations not for what they are but what they could be. On that journey, we work with planners, architects and builders to drive our vision to results.

By The Numbers

  • Year Track Record

    19 Year Track Record

    GTIS identifies macro trends early, including investing in Brazil in 2005, US residential in 2009, single-family rental as an emerging asset class in 2010 and build-to-rent in 2019

  • $B


    $4.5B AUM*

    GTIS has emerged as a leading residential and industrial investor in the US and among the largest private equity real estate firm in Brazil with total project cost of approximately $19.7 billion

  • %

    of the Partners Promoted from Within

    100% of the Partners Promoted from Within

    GTIS is majority owned by its Partners, demonstrating a path to profit sharing for the future leaders of the firm

  • +

    Average GTIS Partner Tenure

    19+ Average GTIS Partner Tenure

    The eight partners have been together at GTIS for an average of 15 years, with almost 30 years of average industry experience

  • Employees

    103 Employees

    Located in key markets in the US and Brazil, the geographic diversity of our employees are an asset to our investment and asset management process

  • Offices across US, Brazil, and Europe

    10 Offices across US, Brazil, and Europe

    Headquartered in New York with ten offices, GTIS takes a local investment approach with in-house investment, asset management, development or capital markets professionals

*Gross AUM as of 12/31/23. Represents the gross appraised value of assets managed by GTIS and its joint venture partners and includes minority joint venture partners’ ownership interests where applicable. Figures include limited partner unfunded commitments, or uninvested cash on fund’s balance sheet, to GTIS separate accounts, funds, and co-investment vehicles that are not considered to be Clients by SEC definition

GTIS seeks to create differentiated returns by finding special opportunities and transforming real estate to its most productive use. We highly value our firm's collaborative culture and care deeply about the environment, our people, partners and governance.
Tom ShapiroPresident and Chief Investment Officer