Income Investments

GTIS Income Investment Strategies target sustainable, long-term dividends with modest leverage. The Income Investment Strategy has a dedicated investment team with a 25-year track record investing in over 100 projects comprising $7 billion in total transaction volume across the top 30 markets in the US with a focus on commercial property sectors. The strategy targets a diversified portfolio with assets across primary core-plus and value add property types including, residential, office and urban retail. Investment products generally have the following attributes:

Multi-Sector / Income Oriented

Open Fund Structure

AIFMD Regulatory Compliance

Multi-Sector / Income-Oriented

Opportunity driven investing by migrating across sectors (residential, office, urban retail) and geographies as market conditions change

Focused on dialing down risk in the later stages of the cycle

Investing in defensive sectors and cash flowing assets with attractive going-in yield and growth upside

Open-Ended Fund Structure

Allows investors to scale capital commitments over time in a cost-efficient manner

Enables active portfolio management, while accumulating long-term assets with strong cash flow and growth upside

Exclusive reinvestment and exit provision providing favorable investor liquidity

European based

AIFMD Regulatory Compliance

Luxembourg structure allows tax efficient investing and admission of European investors in efficient manner

AIFMD, Solvency II and German Real Estate Quota compliant

Europe based, German speaking client service team with 20+ years of experience managing funds for German clients